DANIEL HAAKSMAN “XINGUILA” FT. THROES + THE SHINE Spin magazine debuted Daniel Haaksman´s “Xinguila” ft. Throes & The Shine today. Spin writes: “Berlin-based producer Daniel Haaksman has history on his mind: His new album, African Fabrics, makes apparent his understanding of the past’s implications for the formation of current power structures. Grappling with the remnants of Germany’s empire of the late 18th and […]
Batuk “Daniel” Batuk is a creative collective founded by South African electronic music producers Aero Manyelo and Spoek Mathambo; along with the prolific artist and vocalist Manteiga. Two original tracks, Daniel and Reya Congo, offer a hypnotic take on tribal house, and feature the vocal talents of frequent collaborator Nandi Ndlovu. Next to the 2 original tracks, […]
Man 091 Daniel Haaksman “Rename The Streets” Did you ever wondered how a Steve Reich minimalist kalimba composition could sound in combination with a heavy sub bass and a two step influenced rhythm? Well, Daniel Haaksman serves the answer: His new single “Rename The Streets” perfectly combines the best of classic minimalism with the bass love of today, the kalimba is rooting […]
Daniel Haaksman “Rename The Streets” (Video)
MC João “Baile De Favela” I´m in Brasil right now and there´s one tune that is currently heard everywhere. It blasts out passing cars, kids rap it in Rio´s subway and in the clubs, the crowds sing along to it. With a hypnotic and heavy beat, MC João´s “Baile De Favela” infested social networks and multiplied in remixes, parodies and […]

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