Homemade natural moisturizer = excitement!

Homemade natural moisturizer = excitement! Happy holidays, ye fellow bloggers and readers! I don’t even really know what “ye” means, but nevermind. I just wanted to pop up into your RSS feed/inbox/Google search/etc. for two reasons, which are completely unrelated other than a tenuous connection to Christmas. One is this: I decided to make some from-scratch holiday gifts this year, […]
Is there any point in having a green wedding if nobody notices? Yep. Me again. Creeping into the blogosphere like I tend to do these days — about once every few months, with a totally random subject of conversation, which every blogger will tell you does NOT lead to a very consistent readership. Oh well. But I thought y’all might like to know that Miss Thistle is […]
Holy crap, my city officials have a sense of humour! And they care about the environment! Sometimes, this city drives me crazy — there aren’t enough bike lanes, the public transit system is a mess and we’ve even banned kite-flying in one of our parks! And yet, every now and then, Toronto gets it right. The most recent example is here below, for your viewing pleasure:
This woman might just be crazier than me… Hey everyone, Yep, it’s me again. Resurrecting myself momentarily from the blogging graveyard, as I have some news for you — no, mom, I’m not pregnant. And no, I’m not starting another blog devoted to my eco-friendly wedding (although it’s coming together nicely, for those who may be wondering… we’ve got about 200 beeswax candles, […]
An epilogue to the epilogue… OK, I know I’ve technically wrapped up ye ol’ Green as a Thistle, but something very exciting happened! Those who’ve read Sleeping Naked is Green through to the end will know that the epilogue is all about how one of my best friends became my boyfriend. Well, now my boyfriend is also my fiancé! Yep, […]

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